Steering Group statement 10 Sep ’10

Announcement from the Detention Forum Steering Group

10th September 2010

Dear all,

The Detention Forum Steering Group members have recently agreed on the statement, which summarises where we are now and how we intend to develop the Detention Forum in the future.  The statement can be viewed at   

‘The UK Government uses immigration etention with impunity, both as a means of control and deterrence, and for simple administrative convenience, without any concern for the immense damage it does to the individuals affected.  Asylum Aid supports the Detention Forum for the opportunity and space it provides to the asylum and refugee movement, the media or the general public, to look critically at detention and to question why we use it, what it’s meant to achieve, whether it’s effective, how much it costs, and what realistic alternatives exist.’  Maurice Wren, Asylum Aid

‘Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group are looking forward to being involved in the Detention Forum, to allow us to take a step back from our day to day work and reflect on the system of immigration detention more widely.  We envisage that the discussions and debate within the Forum will allow everyone involved to learn from each other, refine ideas, and focus on working together to highlight problems and push for their resolution.’  Nic Eadie, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group

‘The formation of the Detention Forum marks a significant step in co-ordinating efforts to question the UK government’s immigrant detention programme; each organisation alone has found it hard to be heard – by parliament, or by the media, or by the public at large.  The Detention Forum is a big enough and varied enough co-ordination of discussions between organisations – campaigning and NGOs – to make a larger noise which can begin to make a difference to the regime of unquestioned expansion of the use of detention for migrants, and the poorly monitored regime itself.’ Liz Peretz, Barbed Wire Britain

A temporary website for the Detention Forum is now online.  The website address is  Our intention is to keep it very simple and straightforward.  More information will be added as and when necessary.  If you would like to post anything there, please contact

Yours sincerely,

The Detention Forum Steering Group: Asylum Aid, Barbed Wire Britain, Coalition Against Bullingdon Immigration Removal Centre, Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group, London Detainee Support Group, RenéCassin, The Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees