Is detention an important enough issue for the Committee?

26th September 2011

The Detention Forum is co-ordinating another joint-letter: this time to the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) urging them to look into the issue of immigration detention.

It is understood that the HASC is going to hold an inquiry into asylum and migration in the near future.  We hear that the inquiry’s terms of reference are being discussed at the moment. 

Many of the NGOs who meet under the Detention Forum umbrella are concerned that the issue of immigration detention could be neglected by the HASC unless we lobby them now.

Following our quarterly meeting on 14 September, a draft letter has been prepared by Bail for Immigration Detainees, Freedom from Torture and Detention Action.  The draft letter was circulated today to those who regularly attend the Detention Forum meetings and within an hour, 10 NGOs have agreed to sign it.

If your organisation is interested in signing the letter, please contact Eiri Ohtani at detentionforum(at) so that you can have a look at the draft letter.  We are hoping to send the letter to the HASC on Monday 3 October so if you are interested in signing the letter please contact us as soon as possible.