A new report highlights the risk of arbitrary detention for stateless persons

A new report highlights the risk of arbitrary detention for stateless persons

28 November 2011

Mapping Statelessness in the United Kingdom, a joint report by UNHCR and Asylum Aid, seeks to shed light on the complex and hidden issue of statelessness.  The research maps the number and profile of stateless persons in the UK, and puts a human face on their situation.  It also examines the UK’s legal obligations to stateless persons under international law and analyses the impact of current domestic policy and practice. 

The report recommends that the UKBA put in place better systems to identify stateless persons and to protect them from a range of human rights infringement, including the risk ofarbitrary immigration detention.

In particular the report argues that finding someone to be stateless should weigh against any decisionto detain them, on the basis that statelessness is likely to indicate that there is no reasonable prospect of removal.  It also includes a dedicated section on issues surrounding the detention of stateless persons as well as those who cannot be re-documented and are at risk of statelessness.

The Equal Rights Trust, Asylum Aid and Detention Action will be jointly conducting a free workshop on statelessness in the UK on 6 Jan 2012 in central London from 10am to 2pm.  If you would like to attend, please contact Eiri Ohtani at detentionforum(at)gmail.com.

Further information about statelessness can be found at www.unhcr.org.uk/statelessness.