Can you help Detention Forum’s research? Case studies needed.

Help the Vulnerable People Working Group with their research: case studies needed

The Vulnerable People Working Group are in the process of their research into the detention of vulnerable people. As part of this their researcher is looking to collect case studies.

 What we are looking for are cases of detainees who we consider to be vulnerable and who should not have been detained. The aim is to show that, contrary to policy, the (former) UKBA are detaining vulnerable people, then failing to properly consider factors which should lead to their subsequent release. We are taking a very holistic approach to vulnerability and looking for a diverse range of case studies, outlining a range of different vulnerabilities, to help us tell the human stories of those detained. There are three ways to participate in this research:

1.       Complete the questionnaire below and send it to Elizabeth Connely (

2.       If you would rather complete the questionnaire over the phone, this can be arranged.

3.       We are also looking for detainees or ex-detainees to interview, so if you know anyone who may be interested please speak to them and then let us know if they would like to be involved. We will be anonymising all case studies and ensuring no-one could be identified through the case studies we produce. We will also explain and seek consent with all detainee/ex-detainee participants, and exclude any we feel may be negatively impacted by their participation.

Ideally we need case studies by the 16th August. For more information contact or

VPWG Case Study Questionnaire Final (1)